Minimum gear, maximum results

You can create a deeper connection and safer

bond with Classical Jumping strategies,

so that your every ride is in harmony.

At Thomson Equestrian, we know you want to create a strong, happy athlete.

We believe that simple is better.

You won’t see our horses in big bits, tight nosebands or martingales, yet you’ll notice

how quietly and confidently they go around a course.

Whether you are starting your young horse, developing a horse you’ve had for years,

or rebuilding your partnership, we know you can do this.

In complete harmony.

Riders are often given bad advice without
proper training.

You don’t need more equipment or bigger bits to give you courage over fences. Learn to train your horse

the Classical Jumping way and enjoy riding your

horse every. single. day.

You want to jump your horse. You want to do it safely and have fun. You want the kind of connection that’s so deep you feel like you’re reading each other’s thoughts.

But, how?

You want to learn connection, but told you can’t learn feel…

You aren’t alone. Many riders and horses develop with holes in their training, especially about “feel”. Students often tell me they were told feel can’t be taught, that you either have it or you don’t – almost like “feel” is a random magical occurrence. I assure you, it is not, it can be taught and it is an integral piece of training you will learn in my Classical jumping program.

Are you told to use bigger bits to control your horse, but deep down you know that isn’t helping the problem?

I realise too many riders are struggling with control, confidence, and safety concerns. Many just aren’t getting the help they need and instead are convinced that bigger bits and more training equipment is the right answer. I focus on helping owners enjoy their horses and develop confidence through the right skills and classical jumping exercises.

Your jumping problems have little to do with jumping!

I find that many jumping problems are actually flat problems. Unfortunately, too many jumping instructors don’t understand how to correct them. I find that creating a flat exercise or one with poles, will correct the problem before going back to the jump. This approach gives the horse and rider a foundation to be successful when reintroducing the jump, rather than doing the same thing repetitively without change and expecting a better result.

Also, I prefer to tailor the jump courses specifically to my students and
their horses abilities and areas needed for improvement. So often, I see a
course set once with an expectation for all the students to jump the same
course, with little to no adjustment.

Are you tired of trainers who “fix” a problem and never teach you how to correct it yourself?

YOU will learn the skills needed to improve your horse’s abilities. I won’t get on your horse, “fix” it and hand it back. I teach riders the skills they need to help them train their own horses. It ultimately builds more confidence and trust in the connection between horse and rider.

Take the guesswork out of riding and coaching

Learn the systemised Classical
Jumping approach and train a
horse you can’t wait to get on –
without the uncertainty of ‘what to do’ each ride.

Somedays, do you feel like you're missing something?

You aren’t really sure what you should be working on, especially on non-

jumping days. You know conditioning is important too, but how exactly

do you do that?

For Riding Students…

Private or Group Lessons

Here you’ll learn the essentials of building and developing your horse correctly without the need for a lot of extra gear, bits and equipment. The Classical Jumping program is a systematic approach that give riders and horses the skills to ride confidently and safely.

I also specialise in a wide range of areas including young horses, young riders, dressage, course design, long-reining, and working equitation.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been riding for years, you’ll find Classical Jumping offers you and your horse a solid foundation with years of room to grow.

One of the most popular and valuable services we offer!

Open Day for Private Pupils Only

Ongoing membership students can participate in safe training opportunities where small groups work together on a common goal either away or at home. For example preparing young horses for competition. Everyone works together to ensure that each student gets the most value from the experience in a non-threatening, safe way. These are safe training opportunities without the added pressure of going out “in public”.

Live Video Lesson

Over Zoom and a bluetooth headset, you can have a lesson anywhere in the world! With only a slight delay, you’ll receive real-time instruction on any areas you need help. See our Services Page for details on set up. No jumping please, as this is a safety concern. However, you can schedule a call to review recorded jumping video and receive step-by-step feedback.

Video/Phone Lesson

Need input on your ride? It’s easy – schedule a phone or Zoom call and you’ll receive a critique! Just like a lesson, you’ll receive feedback, but also homework and specific exercises to work on to correct any issues. Schedule again and keep improving!


Make the right choice the first time. With decades of experience and expertise, you’ll get the feedback or assistance you need for a horse purchase, inspection of equine properties, potential broodmare assessments, horse transport for vetting, and other horse-related services.


Clinics vary throughout the year, so be sure to keep in touch. Whether you come to ride or come as a spectator, you’ll go home with lots of new tools and exercises to use at home.

Contact me for more info!

For Coaches…

Become a ‘fabulous coach’ mentoring package

You want to be the best coach you can possibly be, and this package is individually designed to coach you to success. Whether you’re just starting out, or wanting to upgrade your qualifications, I will customise a program just for you that will make you a more confident and effective coach.

Equestrian Australia Compulsory Coach Update #1 for registered coaches

Make the most out of your compulsory updates! Learn practical skills from an EA Coach Educator who is a full-time coach and mentor. You’ll receive all the compulsory aspects and get an educational experience that expands your coaching skills and knowledge. Best yet, you can arrange an update at your convenience and, as an added bonus, get mentoring and feedback free for an entire year!

Horse Business Essentials (Zoom)

Learn 3 essential business strategies for improving your horse business, including how to get paid on time, setting solid boundaries, and client retention. Taught over Zoom. Check back for our next class.

Working with the right instructor can make the difference between going nowhere and exceeding your dreams.

You want to be the best rider you can be, so that your horse wants to soar.

It’s not always easy to find the right instructor to help you, so we’ll follow these steps to ensure a good fit!

Step #1

Reach out through the Contact Page and let me know how I can help you. I want to start you on a journey where you always have a plan and a goal that leads to harmony with your horse.

During our conversation (email, phone or Zoom), we can determine if working together is mutually beneficial - meaning you and your horse fit within my program and you can benefit from the discussed services.

Together we will develop a plan that will be assessed over time to evaluate how successful the plan has been and any adjustments that need to be made.

Should you decide to work with me, there are guidelines that must be followed. As an Equestrian Australia Coach, I operate within the guidelines of the orgainsation. All riders, parents and supporters must also follow EA guidelines.

ABUSE of horses or humans will NEVER be tolerated. Any abuse will cause your lesson to be terminated immediately. No refunds will be given. You will also be formally reported to the relevant authority.

Content within your lesson/s including exercises, discussions, homework etc should not be applied to other situations without consultation. This content is specific to your own circumstances. Horses and riders are individuals, and it may be detrimental if used in a different context.​

Click here for a full list of guidelines, including payments, cancellations, and videography.

You want a qualified coach, so that you

can learn to teach your horse to

confidently and safely carry you around a

jump course – no matter the height.

My students have a unique opportunity. Not only am I certified to teach jumping,

I’m also certified in teaching dressage and as a jumping course designer. All

these pieces together create a well-rounded team with a stronger connection

and a better, more willing jumper.

Merindah’s qualifications include:

EA Jumping Specialist – Level 2 Coach

EA Dressage Specialist – Level 2 Coach

EA General Level 1 Coach

EA Coach Educator

EA Jumping Steward – EA Level 2

EA Jumping Course Designer – EA Level 1

How Can

I Help You?

Interested in learning how we can work together?

  1. Send me an email explaining your situation and any issues you’re having.

  1. I’ll get back to you to make an appointment within 2 business days.

  2. I’ll evaluate you and your horse in person or video.

  3. Together we will develop a custom training program.

  4. We’ll keep in touch in person or video as directed through the training plan.

  5. Enjoy the horse of your dreams

Classical Jumping

Take the gear off so your horse will want to take off

Jumping strategies so that you can create a bond that is safe, trusting and matter what!

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Classical Jumping

Take the gear off so your horse will want to take off

Jumping strategies so that you can create a bond that is safe, trusting and matter what!